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Features of ultracentrifuge
The ultracentrifuge removes the pollutants in the lubricating oil according to the principle of centrifugal force, and pumps the oil into the hub of the centrifuge, so that the pressure in the hub can reach 0.4-0.7mpa. Through a double jet rotor inside the centrifuge, the pressure is released instantly, driving the inner rotor to rotate at high speed.
Features of ultracentrifuge:
1. When the rotating speed is over 6000 rpm, the centrifugal force generated is 2000 times of the gravity. Even 1 μ M can be taken out, which can make the oil clean up to nas5.
2. No replacement consumables, reduce the cost of later use.
3. Only the pressure generated by the oil flow is needed to provide its driving force and save energy and power consumption
4. Small size, easy installation, online purification, no secondary pollution.
The rejuvenation of machine tool industry is related to the great cause of national transportation and national rejuvenation

Manufacturing industry is the main body of real economy and the main battlefield of high-quality economic development; equipment manufacturing industry is the support of manufacturing industry, which determines the quality and level of manufacturing industry. As "industrial master machine", machine tool is the equipment for manufacturing other equipment. The technical level of machine tool industry is an important symbol to measure the development level of manufacturing industry in a country. Machine tool is a basic and strategic industry, the foundation of manufacturing industry and national defense industry, which is related to national industrial security and national defense security.
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