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       Shenyang aiteng Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that provides energy conservation, emission reduction and fee reduction solutions for major enterprises. The solutions we provide make energy safe, reliable, economic, efficient and environmentally friendly. Help you optimize energy consumption, maintain a healthy and efficient production environment, update aging facilities, and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises.

        Shenyang aiteng Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, integrity, hard work and innovation". Only from a high starting point can we have higher quality, elegant environment, advanced equipment and efficient team, which has created a batch of high-quality products. Adhering to the tenet of quality and customer first, we have enjoyed a high reputation through careful building. Our products are all over the country and are exported to more than 20 regions. We are constantly developing new products to meet the needs of consumers.

         We firmly believe that a good pre-sale and in-sale service is the key to ensure that customers choose the right products and make good use of the products. We invest a lot of energy and customers to jointly make the most cost-effective solution for customers and grow together. Win the future with professionalism and sincerity. In order to meet the continuous market demand and provide customers with more convenient services, the company has set up offices, agents, partners in important cities, and Aiton technology has always advocated the development concept of win-win cooperation.

Oil processing
Hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gear oil, water glycol and other industrial oil magazine filtration.
Oil mist filtration
The oil mist produced by the cooling of machine tools and cleaning machines is filtered efficiently.
Industrial medium regeneration
Industrial water, machine tool coolant and other floating oil treatment, impurities and sludge filtration.
Survive by quality and develop by reputation
Quality is the life of an enterprise. In order to protect your life, please establish a quality assurance system for your enterprise.
Market is like water, enterprise is like boat, quality is like rudder, people are helmsman.

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The company adheres to the principle of "honest operation, customer first" and keeps innovating and developing to meet the customers' needs, so as to
make the products cost-effective, efficient and precise. Join hands with the collective wisdom of the company's internal
and foreign technical experts and technical backbones to develop more perfect products.
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